Be the Butterfly

Be The Butterfly

I have a thought for you today.

The thought is:

Be the butterfly.

You probably know all about butterflies and how they start life as a caterpillar.

The amazing thing is, a butterfly is not just a caterpillar with wings, it is an entirely different creature.

When a caterpillar winds itself inside a cocoon a true metamorphosis takes place. The caterpillar is totally gone, and a brand-new creation emerges.  It really is a miraculous part of God’s creation.

Today I want to encourage you to be the butterfly.

The Bible says if anyone is in Christ, you are a new creation. No longer a caterpillar, but a butterfly. To be the butterfly means to take our past circumstances, the bad decisions, our old way of thinking and our difficulties and to put them in the past and leave them there.

God has given you a new start, a new day to live for Him and for yourself.

The caterpillar spends his days crawling and grappling.

A butterfly soars.

Be the butterfly.

Don’t look back, look up. Today can be a new day for you.

Be the butterfly.