I have a word for us today, and that word is eternity.

The word is from the old Latin word aeternitas which means without beginning or end.

We can’t really even say that eternity is a really long time because in eternity, time doesn’t even exist.

The Bible uses this word 58 times to describe three main truths.

  1. The first truth is that God is eternal. Our God was, is and always will be. He is a God beyond any constraints of time.
  2. The second truth about eternity is for those that believe in Jesus. John 3 says that whoever believes in Jesus will not perish but have eternal
  3. The third truth the Bible communicates about eternity is that there is an eternal condemnation for those that reject Jesus.

It is our hope that you are headed for an eternal life with an eternal God. By believing on Jesus you can spend eternity – forever and ever and ever – with Him in heaven.

If you are not sure about where you will spend eternity, why not decide today?

If you ever have any questions about your eternity or have made a decision to follow Jesus, please email me at